Update Excel Based on select query or Join Operation

Hi Team,

I am stuck over very simple flow.

I have excel where Emp Id is unique so i wrote select query on it to get the desired data, but i am stuck as in how i can directly update the excel.This is how input looks like…

nonAudited = 50000
audited = 75000

I want to set condition something like…if dt.Select([“Emp Id”] =4563) then write on F and G Column with nonAudited and audited value and output should look something like below:

I even tried join operation but i am getting extra columns . i don’t want to disturb the main excel file with any format change since its the base file organisation is maintaining.

I have attached the sample Excel.Please help…[Sample.xlsx|attachment]Sample.xlsx (10.5 KB)


I don’t understand what you are trying to do with SQL here @md.ahtesham. sorry to say that. You can simple use datatable activities to do this task or the excel activities like read cell and write cell simply without any complexity right? Please let me know if this way will help you