Update each row in an Excel document

I currently read an excel file into a datatable in uipath. Based on the data in each row, I perform a sequence of activities in an application and then write the result in a new column of the row. When I’m done processing all the rows and everything goes fine, everything is copied back to the excel file and saved. Everything works fine at the moment. The problem is that if a failure occurs in the application while processing a particular row, the system crashes and the already processed/updated rows are not copied back to the excel file. How can I handle this situation? How can I avoid reprocessing the already updated rows next time I copy the file from disc? Thx

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easy, I would suggest you to write on a particular cell if the row or data has been processed.
then every time you run the artifact make it read the cell that could indicate if the process has been done. and move to the next.

here is an example.

faite0.zip (13.6 KB)

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There is another way, You can use Try catch activity fro your workflow.

Under this activity, when there is an exception you can copy back the datatable (partial - before exception). Let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

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