Update details in Active Directory domain services

  1. How to update this end date in Account tab of AD?

  1. Update Logon script in Profile section.

  1. We have policies to define username of employee : CloudA (if employee name is Automation Cloud —> All alphabets of last name + first alphabet of first name)

provide me below details for this case :

UserSAMAccountName —> ??
UserCommonName ---->
UserPrincipalName —>

@Mohammed_Bakr : Any inputs or feedback?

@Airun : Is there way to find and identify object details in AD?

Above questions are actually depend on fields.

Active directory work through different domains. You can connect through LDAP URLs and get or set the user details. to change cloud or on-Premise configuration you need to update in exchange or O365 as well.

You can achieve it through Powershell as well. Just there are different ways to connect to exchange,normal, and Office 365 Powershell.

Basic Idea is to get the common name first and under which domain/server it exists. Below object can give you that:-

By using the common name you can get the rest of the property of the user like to get the manager name, object property required to get the details is 'manager’

@prasoon.k : I am actually getting manager name field for already existed users.

Not able to find values for new user accounts.

Is there any other way to update these three fields in AD?

@Sonalk You can use below command to get all the user property list by replacing the UserID with the required ID.


To change new properties or to update new user details you can find commands in below links.

Thanks Prasoon.
Commands are really helpful to get parameter values.

I was not sure to pass Bot credentials using Invoke PowerShell activity. So, I’ve tried and used UiPath activities - Get Object Properties to update parameters values - End date(accountexpirationdate, profile (scriptpath), manager

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