Update data in Excel teams channel

hi, how do i update an Excel that resides in a Teams channel using UiPath?

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Check with these steps,

  1. Use the “Microsoft Teams” activity package to log in to your Teams account and navigate to the channel containing the Excel file.
  2. Use the “Microsoft Teams Files” activity package to locate and download the Excel file you want to update.
  3. Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open the downloaded Excel file.
  4. Use the “Read Range” activity to read the data from the Excel file into a DataTable variable.
  5. Make any desired changes to the data in the DataTable variable using UiPath’s various data manipulation activities.
  6. Use the “Write Range” activity to write the updated data back into the Excel file.
  7. Use the “Microsoft Teams Files” activity package to upload the updated Excel file back into the Teams channel.
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is there any way to update the excel without downloading it? it is a shared file, so i might accidentally replace the file if someone is updating it.

hi shared file may cause issues even if you are updating simultaneosly without downloading