Update Company Information On Market Place

How to update the company profile on Marketplace?

Before being able to do any update because a new set of Published Terms have been published and these have to be accepted.

One of the profile admins should follow these steps:

  1. Access cloud.uipath.com
  2. If prompted to select the cloud org. from the picker, choose the one linked to the Marketplace company profile
  3. If prompted to create a new organization, it means that their Marketplace profile is not linked to a cloud org and they should create one (the one they'll be creating is the cloud org. this is independent of the Marketplace company profile (in case they wonder about why a new org needs to be created)
  4. From the cloud homepage, click on the Marketplace icon from the left menu bar
  5. Once landed in the Marketplace site, from the Publisher menu - click Manage "Company XXX" - Edit Organization
  6. Fill in the new details, upload the icon, accept the terms, and click Save.