Update columns of DT from Dictionary Variable (Columns are different)

Hello all,

DT1 (DT to be updated)

Dictionary variable (values to update from)

Scenario 1 -
DT1 should be updated if Number column matches to BDR column (update same row)

Scenario 2-
To append the row from Dictionary var to DT1 if BDR does not match (Columns are different and mapping of columns are available)

Expected O/P for Scn 1

Excepted O/P for Scn 2



Hi @Athawale_Rushikesh Good Morning
In Scenario 1 what is the value you want to update?

Hi @raja.arslankhan

All the columns you can see in DT1 from dictionary variable i.e table 2
Mapping is exactly same as per column shown in both table.

Both tables having 9 columns

Hello @Athawale_Rushikesh

Can you please share the expected output for the 2 scenarios in an excel? That will give more clarity to your requirement.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I have updated the original post with expected output for both scenario.