Update Asset, concurrency?

Hi, I have a question about the Get Asset and Set Asset activities, as to have this works if you work with multiple robots. Suppose you have a workflow that increments an integer asset by 1 (Get Asset + Set Asset). How will it work if I run this job on 10 robots at the same time? Will the asset be incremented by 10 (i.e. each robot waits in line til the previous one is finished with its business) or will it be incremented by 1, or maybe somewhere (random) in between? Or will some robots fail because of so much activity with one asset?

Hi Tea, did you solve this problem or did you get answer for this ? could you please let me know if you get any clarification on this ?

Hi, I think I ran a few tests on this (albeit with fewer robots) and I believe the answer is, it would be incremented by 10. Not 100 % sure though. Would probably be best if someone from UiPath could confirm this, based on how it is programmed… :slight_smile: