Update analyzer report if date is before 15th of the month

hi all,

I use uipath to update several reports coming from SAP Analyzer … Untill now the whole thing works correctly but I was wondering how I could trigger a refresh of a report looking at the current date. For example if today is the 11th of the month … i would refresh the report with the previous month as data input , if we’re the 20 th then i would not like to execute this report.

in excel it would nicely done with a if else vba macro but how can I trigger this in Uipath ?

Hi @ronnie,

As per my understanding we can schedule the job in such a way to execute before 15 of each month in the required frequency.

If this is not the expected case, please brief your question a bit.

Hi Sarathi125 ,

I need to explain further as I want to create a decision the verifies what date it is and if the date is before the 15th of the month he will follow the “false” path otherwise continues the “true” path

In fact I’m stuck on the vb expression creation for the flowdescision.

Hi @ronnie,
If what you’re looking for is how to get the current day number, you can use now.day.
For example today (04/09/2018), Now.Day is 4.
To check if it is before the 15th, try CInt(Now.day)<15