Update a column based on certain conditions after an email has been sent


I am looking to update Column AG is an email is sent to column V

Thank you

Follow this

  1. For each row
  2. Inside “For each row”, If(Put your condition–Email Sent)
    Then → Assign = row(“AG”) = “Successful”
    Else → Log Message = “Email not sent”

Hi @Karuna , iv tried it, it seem not to work. please can you share your email address so i can share the xaml?

No worries, Please share your xaml and excel file here.

(3.6 MB) Sequence.xaml (26.1 KB)

@Karuna Just sent

I have checked your workflow, Below are the points you should check and change accordingly

  1. Check weather “Column Headers/Name” correct or not → In “for each row”
  2. Change your if condition according to Whom exactly you want send mail,SDS Manager Email
    or SDS Manager Masterdata Feb 2021 or Contact Masterdatas Feb 2021.
  3. Based on the if condition,Update the Column as “SENT”.

Sequence.xaml (26.3 KB)

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