Upcoming UiPath Community Meetups


To become a true ‘automation first’ enterprise, you need to tackle departmental, as well as individual automation. And citizen developers are the key to doing so. Put simply, Citizen Developers are the empowered problem-solvers in your enterprise who have the drive to engage in app development even though they lack traditional coding skills.

Citizen Developers are invaluable assets in your automation journey and play a unique role in boosting company-wide digitalization. This initiative is quickly gaining ground, with enterprises like PwC, Heritage Bank, VITAL, and Singtel leveraging the power of citizen developers to use, create, and benefit from automation.

In an effort to help you fuel automation democratization at scale in your enterprise, we are announcing the Citizen Developers meetups.

Also, In our efforts to make exam preparation easy for the early learner, college students, educators, career changers, and existing community members, we are pleased to share the start of monthly UiPath Certification Preparation series, these sessions will be especially useful for the enthusiastic automation “power users” within your organization who want to prepare for UiPath Advance or Associate certification.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on a link against the topics of your preference to register now!

Here’s a quick look at our schedule

Virtual Meetups for Citizen Developer:

24th Feb: Introductory session on StudioX
27th Feb: Excel Automation in StudioX
4th March: Mail and File Handling Automation in StudioX
6th March: User Interface Automation in StudioX
11th March: Word Automation and Recording in StudioX
13th March: PDF and PPT Automation in StudioX
17th March: Drive StudioX/Citizen-Led Automation at Scale - Best Practices / Standards / Reporting & Dashboard

Virtual Meetup for UiPath Certification preparation:

17th Feb: Preparation for your UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) certification
17th March: Preparation for your UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA) certification
22nd April: - Preparation for your UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) certification

Let’s exchange the Gyan (Knowledge) together and have some online fun together.

The Houston, TX UiPath Community Chapter is hosting its first virtual meeting on Thursday, November 18th.

Hear about the latest UiPath products, meet the Houston chapter members, and help us plan for 2022. We’ll walk through the upcoming activities such as the Tech Series and more.

To join us, please sign up here. We hope to see you this Thursday!