Unzip the double Zipped file

Hi guys, I need to Unzip the double Zipped file. I am able to Unzip single Zipped but after that I don’t know, how do I Unzip folder inside a folder path.
Guys, please enlighten me on this, thanks in advance.

Hello @Rajnish,
I am posting a link on TomaszGolos explanation how to unzip one file.

Procedure should look like this:

  1. Unzip first file
  2. Check if any other zip file exists in that directory with this Method: System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(“directoryPath”,"*.zip")
  3. Assign this Method into Array of strings or any other matching variable type (it has to be string)
  4. For Each Loop to pass through all found ‘.zip’ files
  5. Execute unzip Power Shell function which is in link that I have shared

Explanation about System.IODirectory.GetFiles Method:

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@dfilipovic Thank you for your response, I will try and let you know

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