Unzip several zip without overwriting existing files

Hi community!
I’m trying to unzip several zip files in one folder, the main problem is that a lot of those zip have inside files with the same name (for example, zip 1 contains file “example.pdf” and zip 2 also have “example.pdf”). So, when I use Extract/Unzip Files activity it overwrite the existing file.
I tried to catch every extracted file with the Extracted Files output property but it catch every file inside the folder, not only the extracted.
Do you have any suggest?

Hi Jose,

If you use the property : “Extract to dedicated folder” maybe solve your issue.

I hope i helped you,

yourfileName add millisecond(DateTime.Now.ToString(“fff”)). It differentiate every new unzip file with exists one.

Hi @jose_rlc1

You try like this