Unzip more than 1 file

I have more than 2 files to unzip to get the pdf files and combine together into 1 folder and merge all the pdf file into 1 folder.

“C:\Users\SCM_002014\Documents\UiPath\MERGE PDF\Zip File\TEST*”+".zip"

file path:
“C:\Users\SCM_002014\Documents\UiPath\MERGE PDF\Unzip File”

I use activity:Balareva unzip

Error Message:UnZip: Illegal characters in path.

if I do for 1 zip file it’s ok but if try more than 1 file it will cause an error

Use directory.getfiles(“C:\Users\SCM_002014\Documents\UiPath\MERGE PDF\Zip File”, “TEST*.zip”) to get list of zip files in that folder
Then use a loop to process each item in list, with each item, use Balareva unzip activity to unzip it

It’s Done, thank you.i am attch for everyone reference.UnZip folders.xaml (6.3 KB)

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