UnZip Folder

Hi Team,

I have a folder say C:\Letter Processing. This folder may have different files like .pdf, .doc etc. I will get a zip file in mail(not 1 zip file,it could be upto 10) and I need to UnZip the file in this folder C:\Letter Processing. After I unzip I could see along with existing files the files which came from zip file also getting added.

Is there any way I can get the details of the file present in the zip file after or before unzipping?

For UnZipping I am using a activity given below

Please suggest any solution for this?


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Hi @Deeipauk,

Can you send me the sample zip files and xmal please ? if possible …

Thank you

Thanks for your response

Zip file consist of one or more PDF files generally, I am yet to work on this so no XAML.
Do you still need zip file?