Unzip excel file in a path

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I have tried Unzip excel file using Invoke method. I cannot find the system.Io.compression.zipfile. Eventhough System.io.compression libraries are imported.

Can anyone help me on this activity.


Hi, use invoke C# for this task. link

Hi @Piraisoodan_J

Try this activity provided by @balupad14


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Here is the video presentation.

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Without using external libraries. I there any way by using Uipath libraries to solve this activity.

Hi @Piraisoodan_J yes u can do it without help of external libraries
I tried using powershell

I tried Compress-Archive cmdlet for zipping the files using invoke powershell activity in uipath

Check this workflow
Main(Autosaved).xaml (7.5 KB)

Compress-Archive (Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive) - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn

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When using your workflow, i given Path: zipfile and destinationPath: path passing through parameters.

It doesn’t work. In the destinationpath cannot see any file.

Can u share screenshot of ur code?

Hi @Piraisoodan_J

Path :. Provide the path of file which is to be zipped

Destination Path : provide the path of zip file which to be created

I want to unzip a file which is already in the path.

zip to unzip.

Hi @Piraisoodan_J sorry for the wrong answer

Please check this

I had used unzip method in powershell and invoke in uipath

workflow Main.xaml (7.7 KB)

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