Unzip and delete the zip file form the directory


I have created a workflow which will unzip the zip file in the directory and delete the zip file, but i don’t know why somehow it’s not working few of the times, can some one take a look and help me what would be the reason and help me fix.

I have attached the workflow and also a screenshot for reference.

Unzip_DeleteZip.xaml (6.7 KB)

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Hi @indrajit.shah

Check this post

Unzip Files using invoke method
And use delete file activity


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@AshwinS2, my path of zip folder and unzip folder is dynamic.

If it’s not working only at certain number of times then we need to look at the path mentioned in the GetFiles method as the argument
And also the delete file path mentioned in the delete activity
Can I have a view in the path variable and it’s iniut
And also the delete activity property panel

Cheers @indrajit.shah

I am using this workflow by Invoke Workflow file

and the “path” value is Config(“OUtputFolder”).ToString+“"+TransactionItem(“FOLDER NAME”).ToString+”\I-9"

I have tested your attachment. It is working well.

before execution :

After execution :

If you are not convinced, send me your sample zip files via Message to me. I will give you the feedback.

Note :

you can able use this one also. But both are the same.



thank you, sir as i mentioned its not working few of the times.

My situation is i am processing like almost 100 records in one go, for like 70-85 files its good but for like rest of the files its not unzipping, just don’t know why?
and yes even i tried and tested many times before using this.

and i have to process like 10K records and for that time it will be tough to track the folders which isn’t unzipping.

I hope you got my point.

if you are getting any error please post it. Or you can trace what is problem that you are getting by following steps.

1.Before run the robot take a backup of zip files directory.
2.Log the Zip file name and extract path inside the for each loop . So it will store the each zip process.
3.Finally analyze the log. you can get an idea.

To do the log in local system. you can use this activity.


I will give it a try but i faced the issue when ever i run the full flow with almost 100 records at a time and during that time its tough to take a backup or anything as all the path is dynamic and stopping the robot will make me do the work form square 1, all though when it’s not unzipping its not also deleting.