Unwanted Orchestrator alerts

I am trying to find how to switch-off some Orchestrator alerts for example, I want to be alerted to when a scheduled job fails, but i do not want an alert everytime a development robot goes offline.



Hi @brettmartin

You can set your prefernces for the Orchestrator alerts by following the below steps:

  1. Click on the alerts icon on the top right corner of your Orchestrator web page and select "Open Alerts prefernce " (Settings Icon). Kindly refer below image

  2. You can enable/disable the toggles present there according to your needs.

Kindly post your feedback here. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Manivannan

But I do not see the same as you in Orchestrator, maybe we have different versions.

Brett Martin -

Hi Brett,

Are you on licensed Orchestrator?