Unsupported grant type error in http request

Am trying to send a http post request and am getting code as 400 and error message “unsupported grant_type”. Same request am running through postman and it is working fine there.
I gave all the parameters which i tried in the postman. It is working in postman,but i am not getting in the uipath. I am passing grant_type as body in post man,but the same thing is not working in uipath

@athira.anand - what value are you trying to pass with grant_type?

grant_type: password

look at this: wpf - C# unsupported grant type when calling web api - Stack Overflow

@sumitd Thanks for the help.

I was passing the request body as json but it was x-www-urlencoded request. I have resolved the issue by passing the same values as parameters(property) in uipath.

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