Unsorted data in Orchestrator?!


I scraped some data from a web application, than i stored it in Orchestrator. But the data get unsorted?

If i do store it in a excel file, it’s stays the same.

Any idea why?

I tried to sort it my self before storing it in Orchestrator… Didn’t succed!

Thank you!


Is it what type of data ? And also tell me how you sorted the data ?

Tell me the steps you followed to do this.

Hi @lakshman

Normaly, it should be like this, after i do scraping data from web app and save it on excel file.

data.xlsx (12.2 KB)

But if i do save directly on Orchestrator, it becomes unsorted, the date is sorted randomly.



May i know how you are trying to save in orchestrator,… @mz3bel

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Ok, i do data scraping on a web app, which it has a table full of informations (as alarms in rows). Those informations have to stored somewhere, after that get row by row to do some tasks relative to each row… since that infos are kind sensitive informations, i tough about using orchestrator to save it. But after stored there i get the data scrabled, not stored by data and time as the web app… in excel file, i don’t have this issue.

So now, they decided that i use excel file instead… But i’m curious, i want to unterstand how to sort that data and figure out why it aint stored well in orchestrator.

Thank you @Palaniyappan

How do you mean “stored in Orchestrator”? Are you putting the data into an asset?


no, not as assets, as queues…

It’s a table of more than 35k rows…

Hi @mz3bel

Could you show us how you are putting the data into the queues? If you take each row and you put it as a separate queue item, then each item will be treated separately.

The idea of queues is that you can process them asynchronously. This means that order of items should not matter, as many robots could be working on the same queue at the same time to process your items simultaneously.


instead of saving the whole excel data there in the queue
you can pass the excel file path as a string to the queue which can be later used to open the excel with that file path
Cheers @mz3bel

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Thanks everybody, i will use excel as file to store the data and process it.

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So did this gets resolved buddy @mz3bel

Yes, sort of :smiley:

Thank you @Palaniyappan

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Cheers @mz3bel
Then kindly close this topic with right comment as solution buddy that would help othes as well

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