Unresponsive Machine Alerts Not Displayed In Orchestrator When Robot Is Assigned To A Subfolder

Why is Robot alerts not working ? Why is no alert generated from unresponsive Robot ? In monitoring tab, a Robot is unresponsive (for 7 hours), but why was no alert generated in Orchestrator ?

Issue Description:

Disconnected and Faulted alerts are received but Unresponsive alerts are not displayed in the orchestrator configured with subfolders even if the user has view permissions on alerts and the alerts subscriptions are enforced.

Resolution: If Orchestrator is configured with a parent folder and subfolder then the Robot needs to have view rights on alerts and subscriptions enabled. The View alerts role to view alerts inherited in parent folder and subfolders as well.

  • In this situation verify if the Robot user and machine template is assigned to the parent folder and subfolders.
  • In the above scenario the Machine Template is not assigned to every subfolder and after it was added, the Unresponsive alerts are displayed in Orchestrator.