Unresolved Activity when combining libraries

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We’ve recently combined a number of separate libraries into one library/package. Unfortunately that has now caused a load of Unresolved Activity errors since the dependencies are now missing. Is there a way to update/modify dependencies for existing activities to have them point to the new package? For example, one of our libraries is a logging library that is used throughout multiple projects. It would be a herculean task to delete each activity, re-add it from the new library and reconfigure it to match the existing one.



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@carlor, Use “Manage Package” option to install dependencies.

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Sorry. I realize I wasn’t clear enough.

Our old projects used multiple packages; say A, B, C and D. We then combined the code into one package called Combined. The problem is we are now either using parts of the old projects in new projects, or continuing work on the old projects for the next versions. We don’t want to used the separate packages anymore and just use the new Combined package.

Using the combined library breaks the references/dependencies for the activities in the XAMLs in the new/updated projects. For example: package A has an activity called LogActivity. That activity now resides in Combined. Moving forward, we need to remove package A from the projects and use the “new” Combined package. This causes all the LogActivity activities to be flagged as Unresolved Activity since A is no longer installed.

I hope that is clearer.

Replace your xlmns:?=“Old Reference” in row 1 of every .xaml file with the new reference.



This means you will need to do this for each .xaml in your project that depends on the old reference to update it to the new reference. After that the .xaml will redirect each Unresolved Activity to the new activity within the new package. Ensure that the old package activity however has the same arguments/fields as the new one to avoid conflicts with inputs/outputs.


Thank you! I thought it might have been something like that, but I didn’t want to go messing around with the XAML without instructions. One other thing, though: I also had to rename the instance of the activity, but that was minor.

Thanks for your help!


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