Unresolved Activity error when emailing to colleague


My colleague is sending me a flowchart and when I download it from the email one activity comes up as “Unresolved Activity- This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly.” We’re working on the same version of UiPath and it works on his end but when he downloads it he also sees the error.

Please help. Thanks!



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Cheers @Jessica_Moseley

How do I know what packages are missing that I need to install? @Palaniyappan

we could be able to see that in output panel with which package and as its purely package version compatibility, we need to upgrade the package version in studio

if possible we can get the exact version of each packages your friend has used in his studio along that workflow and upgrade with same in yours

Thanks @Palaniyappan! It’s working great. I looked at the output panel and updated 2 two packages.

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Cheers @Jessica_Moseley