Unread mails

While trying to read unread mails from Gmail using imap activity, I am getting the below error.
I have enabled imap in gmail settings and also less secure apps. I am using port 143 but even with 993, I am getting an error.


This could be the firewall settings issue, you may not able to use Gmail account for a long time from your machine.

I did not understand

The reasons I thought are

  1. Can you confirm if you are able to open the mail in the browser?
  2. Proxy settings are enabled

Which proxy settings are you talking about?

We will have some proxy enabled tag in the web config, that needs to be changed. I don’t think that is the issue in many of the cases, but check that one as well

Now I am getting the below error,

Also If i give the secure connection as None,the automation gets stuck for a long time

Could you let me know how i can resolve this?


Just open gmail in chrome browser and check how long it is available without doing refresh of that page. Then try to access the emails, if you are able to access it after 15-20 mins then some issue with the process else some issue with the firewall and gmail usage policy.

If you have separate IT team to manage all these things then check with them for the usage of gmail in your org.