Unprotect Excel workbook issue

We have a module built that gets the password to unlock an excel spreadsheet to unprotect an Excel spreadsheet, write to the sheet and then re-protect the spreadsheet. It is working fine on the developer’s computer that built it as well as the UAT computer. However, on another developer’s computer, it is throwing an error that it can’t find the Review tab indicated by the selector. We don’t see anything different in the selector when we indicate again on the developer’s screen.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening and how to correct it?


check your attach window selector, not just the review tab selector. can you post an example of your workflow?

Thanks so much, Cammaron. The generic workflow is attached. When used within the automations, the asset name is inserted to obtain the password to unprotect and re-protect from OrchestratorProtected_Spreadsheet_Write_Sequence 6.18.19.xaml (24.7 KB) . Works fine on some computers but not on one so far.