Unlocking/Locking files in Box Application


We have a use case to read and write files in the Box application. The problem is that other persons have access to the files on which the robot will work on. Hence, we thought of a solution that each time the bot will access these file, the bot will unlock the file, lock the file for edit, make the changes, then unlock the file again. We made a custom app in BOX developer site to enable BOX packages of UiPath. However, we have some issues when using the lock/unlock activities of BOX. it say’s we have insufficient access. This happens when other user has file open on excel online and bot tries to unlock the file.

The custom app’s user account I have has an app+enterpise access and is already authorized.
I can also unlock/lock these files even other users have it open on excel online via web application.

Any one can help me on this one?