Unlock Mobile Screen ( Swipe Up)


How to unclock Mobile Screen when using Miroring tool ? What will be the shortuct to make the second screen Available? Thanks


I haven’t tried it with mirroring, but it may be possible using Uipath MobileAutmation.Activities from Uipathpro.

Featured in the forum

I created it with reference to the following video

I hope you find it helpful.

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Thanks @kazuki.fujita , but Actually I’m not authorized to Use UiPath Pro Version

If you are using UiPath Community Edition.

1.Open the start screen

2.Click Settings→Click Licence and Profile→ClickView or Change Profile

3.Select Uipath Studio Pro for your profile.

※You can use Uipath Pro, Uipath Studio, and Uipath Studio x by switching the profile.

4.Restart Uipath Studio

That’s all for the setting method

We hope for your reference.

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Thanks for clarification, I’m not using Community Edition that’s why Pro Windows is not appearing.

Are you using uipath enterprise?

Is it used at work?

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YES, Of course :slight_smile:

Uipath pro can only be used with the following licenses in the enterprise

Uipath RPA Developer pro-nameduser
Uipat Test Developer pro-nameduser

If you want to give it a try, you need to use the Community Edition.

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Thanks @kazuki.fujita