Unique values in a datatable


I would like to create a data table based on Unique values:

  • variable: Arg_Column_Name_Account = “Account”
  • data table with all the values: Data_Table_All

I would like to create a distinct data table based on Data_Table_All, but I get an error message
Assign : Column ‘Account’ does not belong to underlying table ‘’.

Assign: Data_Table_All.DefaultView.ToTable(true, Arg_Column_Name_Account)

Could you please help me what I miss?

Thank you.

Hi @erika027,

If i understand it well, I think u r looking for generating a Data Table which would take unique Row Values.

If this is the Case, then follow below steps :slight_smile:

1.> Drag a "Generate Data Table " activity from activity pane and double click on the “Data Table.”

2.> When a new window pop up, delete the existing rows and columns by hovering your mouse over it and clicking on red color cross sign.

3.> Once Done , create a column with name “Account” and specify its property as String and Check the UNIQUE Property as well.

4.> Manually type in all the unique values. and store it in output Data Table .

5.> using Out Data Table activity display it.

Data_Table_Test.xaml (7.3 KB)

I hope this may help .

@erika027, It seems like the column you named might have,

  1. Spaces before or after while naming Or unknown characters ( if any)
  2. If you are reading from a excel ensure you have checked Add Headers Property

Dominic :slight_smile:

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