Unique scenario : Read PDF and send mail if text is not aligned properly inside rectangular box

I have a set of pdf generated everyday from a application and there is a box which is present below the header
say., Rectangular box at the right side and the text inside the box is Invoice number as heading and its value. Expectation: The value should fit inside the rectangular box.

Uipath has to identify if the invoice number value is fixed in the rectangular box or not. If not report it.

I have tried with OCR but the output is returning simple text and it is not able to identify the format issue. Please help me know if this can be achievable in UiPath?

This can be achieved using Find image property.
If the image of the rectangular box exist, then the logic can be implied as per requirement.

Hi @sriram28 … Can u please paste a screenshot of the box for better understanding and also is it like u type a value inside the box and then the supplied value should fit inside it or you need to identifythe already existing value is fixed correctly or not???

Thank you for the message @Roboz and @sudharani

Can you help me on the working example.
Sample image text can be found in the link : Extracting text within an image (PDF)

The PDF (generated from different application) will be given as the input.
First 2 should show me the success message
Next 2 should show me how far the text from the right side of the rectangular box.

Hi Sriram,

May be you can use the screen scraping wizard of the uipath and use the scrape “region” option and indicate the region out of the box to scrape. And then using tha output variable u can check the condition whether the variable is nothing or not.

Screen scrapping for the image will works by using OCR. I cannot able to achieve my requirement using OCR.

Is there any workaround for this?

@Roboz / @sudharani Let me know if you get any clue on how to do this? Feel free to tag other expert as well. Thank you

input for this activity will be image and output will be extracted text and the word with positioning of the word.
for more detail refer : https://activities.uipath.com/docs/google-cloud-ocr

This didn’t helped… The rectangular box will kept in the same position. i want to find the starting and ending x,y coordinates from the pdf, get the result only from those coordinates and check if there is any text found outside the box…