Uninstall from one location and install in another location uipath free trail enterprise version

Hi guys,

I have installed and using my uipath enterprise free trail version since last two weeks in non internet machine. where i am not able to use ui explorer i am getting below error
“This program is blocked by group policy and contact your system administrator”.
i have gone through this link https://forum.uipath.com/t/this-program-is-blocked-by-group-policy-exception-from-hresult-0x800704ec-how-to/91881.
but my admin unable to resolve it. he said its installed in the location which is restricted so we have to push down and reinstall.
my question is if we uninstall and install again will it again ask for Licence code?
if it ask for licence code can i use the previous licence code itself or i need to again get new licence code?


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If you are having onpremise free enterprise edition you will be given with 10 studio licenses and n number of robots
While if it’s Cloud based Enterprise then you will be given with 2 studio licenses and n number of robots

So installing won’t be an issue, please go ahead
Cheers @Abisha

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

ok. then i can uninstall and install in the same system again right? if its same system should i need to ask uipath team to release my device id from the database?

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Hmm…Were you facing any issue of any such
For trouble shoot kindly have a view on thiis

Or still being a enterprise we will be getting ticketed support

Cheers @Abisha

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