Unhandled Exception on SyForm - Access to WorkFlow denied


I am using Symphony.Activities.Extension.SyForm package to create a form. On click of a button it will execute a work flow.
Everything is working fine when I am running my project from Studio. But when running from Robot after publishing it, an unhandled exception pops up on button click.

Exception details:
Access to the Path '“C:\Users\eoshrha\Documents\UiPath\MDM-Local_Cost_Center_Creation\WorkFlowFromForm.xaml”exception WorkFlowFromForm.xaml (6.7 KB) ’ is denied.

Can you confirm the username and the password are same as the user folders which you are trying to access @rohan_shank?

@HareeshMR Yes. I am running the project in my machine so it should have access to every folder, moreover, other workflows in that folder are accessible.

@florent_salendres could you please take a look.