Unexpected Error while Loading Python Script

Hi ,

I am trying to call an Oracle procedure from UiPath and since that call stored procedure is not working properly , I decided to call My procedure through a Python Script.
The script is working fine , It takes in 3 parameters and outputs 5 parameters.
It’s giving proper out put when I run it through command prompt but when I execute it in UiPath using the “Load Python Script” Activity .
I am getting this error!

Need Urgent help!

Going to have to see the script itself and the properties you have assigned the invoke python activity in UiPath. That error is pretty vague.

Here -> Properties

Script (not given the username password since its a public platform, otherwise I am able to connect to DB properly ->

Have you attempted to load a more simple python script to pinpoint the issue first?

Try this, it is a simple workflow and python script that I have shaed before on here. It will help to analyse the issue. It works for me so please give it a go. If the issue persists, it will be something on your machine/server/ or the uipath invoke python activity properties which is causing the issue.

InvokePython.zip (3.1 KB)