Unexpected error in deploying jobs after 1 hour

Hi All!
I would need to ask you how to deal with a specific process bug that I am currently facing in deploying UiPath’s processes.
To let you understand better the context, follows an overview of the involved architecture:
• Software Version: UiPath’s Platform 2017.1;
• Server A:
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2;
Orchestrator + Studio + Free Robot;
• Server B:
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2;
Configuration of high density Robots (4 robots unattended respectively associated to 4 users).

I specify that basically all the configured Robots work correctly for all the defined activities either if they are run as Scheduled and On Demand, even simultaneously.

However, the current issue is that, regardless the type of launch, whenever a job is running exceeding 1 hour it always fails without receiving any tracking log in the Orchestrator.
The showed error in the Orchestrator is “job stopped to unexpected process termination” without specific indication.

For deeper understanding, all the processes have a variable duration and only those lasting less than 1 hour end correctly.

Appreciating your help in solving this issue,
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,

Hi Ivan,

Have you checked other posts regarding this issue? Like this one, where it seems that lack of imported namespaces or Write line is causing this error: Job stopped due to unexpected process termination - #12 by 2aozturk

Anyways, we’ll investigate further. Could you please share the full version of UiPath Platform? Something like 2017.1.6522.

Hi Ovi,
I solved the problem: on the application server there was a Timeout setting for Remote Desktop Session of 1 hour that forced all the opened applications (UiPath’s processes are seen by the server as background/inactive processes) to be killed.

Modifying this setting, now everything works as expected.

Thank you by the way.


Ivan, thank you for keeping us updated. Glad you figured it out. I’ll keep this solution in mind.