Unexpected behaviour using Assistant

Studio 2022.10.3 - 10/27/2022
Community License
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro 64-bit


I am stuck with two errors that makes Assistant difficult to use:

  1. Shortcut keys stops working after a while (not when restarting pc) and have to be re-entered
  2. One of my RPA behavies differently being on the left or the right side of the panel. On the left it runs normal but on the right it runs x2 and provides error. Picture below:

I have already raised this topic but not getting any answer or confirmation that the errors will be looked into.

Hi @raven

Would you mind sharing a short video of the behaviour from point 2, as well as the exact error that is thrown?

EDIT - I got a confirmation that the first issue will be fixed in a future version.

Attached below video (I click one single time on ZKuvid in the right panel and the RPA is run twice as can be seen in the video. This does not happen when ZKuvid is clicked on the left side):

Hi @raven,

For the first problem, as Maciej mentioned, we did a fix in 22.10.3, but I see that you still encounter the issue. Can you provide more details in order to be able to reproduce it?
For the second problem, can you give some details about the process that you are running? What kind of activities is using? I saw that is a background process, but the issue appears also for foreground processes?


Regarding the first problem I do not know how to provide you with more details. The shortcut just stops working after a while and I have no clue why.

The second problem - if I run as foreground process I get the error that only one foreground process can run at a time. So yes same problem occurs as foreground that the RPA is run twice when clicked on the right pane of Assistent. The RPA consists of an excel activity and a form activity. Running as background, when the form opens it opens two identical forms because the RPA is run twice instead of once.

Hope my feedback is helping