Unescape &quotes in selector

Hi All,

I have a selector with a text having &qoutes; as a string.
Below is the selector.

var=line 1 "SALTCFTest")

While the selector parses the selector it parses &quote within the variable with double qoutes which should not be the case. Can any one help me to unescape " withing the selector.


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@shanvj If you want to pass double quotes in selectors enclose with triple quotes for example “”“ur string”“”

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You were almost done
It should be like
yourattribute = “ ‘ + variablename.ToString + ‘ “

And make sure that the whole string with the variable name Inserted should be passed as a string between double quotes in the selector property
That is don’t change in the selector editor
—copy the selector to a notepad and make the attribute aaname as mentioned with its value and put the whole selector between double quotes and pass that as string value to the selector

That would work for sure
Cheers @shanvj

Try to write it in directly properties instead of opening the edit selectors: