Undo (ctrl+z) of a move should undo all concurrent moves of same activity

Hello all

Current behavior:
When moving an activity (by mouse or arrow keys) multiple times in a row within the same flowchart, and then want to undo those moves, you have to press undo (ctrl+z) for each of the moves you made.
To clarify, I’m not talking about any moves that affect the code/behavior, only moves that are purely visual changes in studio.
Create a flowchart. In that flowchart insert any activity. Move the inserted sequence with the arrow keys a few times. Press undo (ctrl+z) the same amount of times and see the activity move backwards for each time you undo until it is in the position you inserted it (and another undo then removes the activity).

Suggestion for new behavior:
My suggestion is that when you undo a move, studio will undo all moves of the same activity, so you only need to undo once.
As previous example, but when you press ctrl+z it should reset to the position of where you first inserted the activity (and another undo should remove the activity as normal).

When you undo a move, you would never want to undo just a single move. You would (almost certainly) always want to undo all moves, resetting the activity back to it’s original position.

Extra considerations:
It should also be considered if it should restore the previous links to other activities that got deleted or created with the move, or if that should be kept separate. This would however change the code behavior, so i could understand if people don’t want this.

Thanks for the feedback.

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