Undestanding Error Alerts on Orchestrator

We have 5 unattended robots constantly processing transactions on our production environment. From time to time when they fail for simple ui errors, we retry the transactions from Orchestrator. Now, the problem that we are facing is that we are not able to understand the email alerts. The numbers are misleading.

For instance, for the Alerts Dashboard we have:

However, for the summaries we have:

Could someone explain what is happening? Is this related to the fact that we are constantly retrying transactions or the logging level on the robots? Is the process aggregating the errors caching them? We are not clearing the database records, so this does not make sense to me.


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That is related to how you handle the errors and your exception handling framework if all of your transactions end in successful then you will not see errors on the first report.

As @Jorge_Rincon has said, this is related to the error handling in your framework. The job can have 3 status in orchestrator: Sucessfull, Faulted and Stopped. If you didn’t stop or kill your job, then it will end etiher sucessfull or failed.

If you make a logic in your process where you retry the transaction until it process, then the status will be sucessfull.

I see. That was my initial thought. However, the time range in the Alerts Dashboard is confusing. I understand that it is a snapshot of how the system is at the moment. No errors because everything was fixed. But, It does not mean that there were no errors within that range.


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