Understanding Values and their Output Storage

Is there a way where we can see the values that are stored in the variables that are dynamic in the studioX?

Creating a list of all the sub-folders in a folder

Where can I see the output of the list in studioX?

Anyone who can help on this?

you can use a writeline activity to output each value or assign them to variables and then output them into excel or a text editor

Can you please Elaborate on this? Like the way I need to carry out with my workflow?

Can you please provide a screenshot of your workflow

This is how it is designed. Correct for any errors as I am new to using UIPath

and what are you trying to achieve?

The thing is I have Folders and then I have sub-Folders, I need the List of all the sub-Folders, and then I will Iterate based on Condition for Each sub-Folder. Then I would get into each sub-folder and do some manipulation with files.

In order to store the variables for the file path please save the pathway in an assign activity

Do I have to save all of them? A little confused on processing this

you would only save it once as it is in a for each loop, using one assign activity will save all of them

Not able to really get what to do? Can you show me a workflow or redirect me to the same?

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