Understanding TransactionData, TransactionItem and TransactionID for my workflow

I have created a sequence inside iniit workflow where I have defined an array of string (in_PDF_List) and stored the name of all the PDF files from a folder. Then I assigned the array to TransactionData ( referring to my first attached picture)

Now each time I go inside the GetTransaction workflow, I want to get one TransactionItem of TransactionData. Can anyone tell me what should be the condition and out_TransactionItem value here. (refereeing to my second attached picture)

I am yet to understand in/out argument properly. It would be great if someone help me to understand the direction in my case.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


Here, TransactionData variable should be of type Array of string and TransactionItem variable should be of type String.

Pass that array of string output to TransactionData and you need to specify like below in GetTransactionData state.

        IF in_TransactionNumber <= io_TransactionData.Count
               out_TransactionItem = io_TransactiobData(in_TransactionNumber -1)

@lakshman Thanks! could you please tell me if I’m right or not
So, in my array I am adding the value from the first sequence. That’s why it’s in IN direction.

now I want to invoke the transaction item to GetTransaction workflow. is this why the item is supposed to be in OUT direction? Can you please help me understand the argument direction with my example?

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  • If you want to pass value to outside from workflow then you need to specify direction as Out

  • If you want to pass value inside the workflow then you need to specify direction as IN

  • If you want to pass value inside and once processing you want to pass it outside then you need to specify direction as IN/Out.

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@lakshman, just one last question to be sure. I am assigning a variable let’s say count in a sequence. The value should be 1.

Now I want to invoke the sequence inside the Process workflow. The direction should be IN in my first sequence and value = 1.

Later on, after invoking, I have to create a variable in the process workflow to process further with it. Right?

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