Understanding the LINQ

I started to learn in depth about the LINQ query. and i thought why not make a video while i study and help some who is also wanted to learn this concept.

Check out the Part 1 of Understanding the LINQ concept.

Understanding the LINQ Part 2

In this video, i explained about LINQ Method syntax and examples. I wanted to cover the topic of Standard query operator which we will be using to perform all the filtration or sorting etc. But i couldn’t cover all these in 1 video, So i will be splitting all these into series of videos. Please do check out on the new video for LINQ here :

I’m back with the new video on Query operator. In this video, I have explained about the Standard query operator for LINQ.

  1. Filter operator
  2. Sorting operator
  3. Grouping operator.

Check out the video here :

Understanding on LINQ Part 4 | Join Operator

Hi everyone, Im back with another part in the series of LINQ tutorial. In this video, we will be learning on the Join operator and examples to write LINQ Query. In this video,
I have explained about the Join operator.
What are different types of join operator available as a LINQ Standard query operator.
How we can use the join operator?
What are different types of join?
Error handling mechanism if in case cell is empty.
Linq query with join operator and examples

Check out the video here



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This is really great!, i follow your work on youtube and here!, Thanks for creating all these content


Thank you for the message and also following me. Means a lot. its a pleasure to create videos :blush: