Understanding of criteria for getting UiPath certification

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I need help to understand the criteria to clear UiPath certification. I have used REFramework (downloaded from GitHub) and henceforth the config file(having all necessary details asked for) in the exam (as done in 2 UiPath Academy assignments) but after submission, I got attached response which is confusing me. So just want to know if these are the points they generally check to clear the certification or these are the points due to which I could not clear my exam?

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@rabia.chhabra Hello please find details below for few of your questions.

As for name you can keep the default name which you get after download no need to change it

You have to get credentials from credential windows manager and use the variables as given in instructions.

For filtering records use select method.

you might not used correct condition for filtering. Please check the condition separately and output data once before submitting.

I am not sure about appendrange comment check the properties of appendrange and also check whether it is working correctly or not.

Thanks for your response.

I am afraid because I had used the variables likewise. I do not understand what went wrong. Anyways, could you please share the link to download REFramework.

Thanks in advance!

@rabia.chhabra You can download RE Framework from git hub.

Fortunately, I had downloaded from the same and used in the exam.

So can anyone please tell me if the criteria mentioned is the general or it is particularly evaluation of my assignment(exam).

Thank you!!


It is particularly evaluation of your assignment.

You have to follow all below instructions:

  1. Don’t reset ACME system Data until system evaluated your data.
  2. Don’t hard any values in the code and also don’t use any external file references
  3. Make sure you zip all related files and upload it.
  4. ACME system credentials should be stored in Orchestrator assets or windows credentials manager or in config.xlsx file. Don’t hard code credentials into the workflow directly.
  5. Make sure you use same credentials for both ACME systems and Academy site.
  6. Additionally, in the practical exam they will give some instructions and you should follow all those things and try to develop some optimal solution.

@lakshman Thank you.

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