Understanding linking PrivateKey OpenSSH file to a password key


I have been trying to utilize the SSHConnector package activities in order to connect to a linux server and attempt to automate some script commands.

I’m having trouble however with linking a valid PrivateKey to the “SSH Connect Scope” activity. In order to have a valid PrivateKey file it must be in OpenSSH type. I converted a PPK file to an OpenSSH type (file contains header -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----), however I’m not sure how to link a password or the public password file to the PrivateKey file in order for the activity to utilize it.

I tried searching for help on this however it couldn’t seem to find anything that matched exactly or provided specific info on this. If anyone has any advice on this or managing the PrivateKey file type password info I would appreciate it.

Specific error that occurs due to PrivateKey file not containing password for decryption. The SSH Connect Scope activity also doesn’t seem to have any fields that store this info the PrivateKey field:


Bump for this, is there any suggestions on linking password for Private Message key of OpenSSH file?