Understanding Licensing

I want to understand the licesing completely.

My organizations have 3 liceses:

    • 2xRobot Unattended
    • Studio Node Locked
    • Orchestrator license

What is the relation between those 3 licenses?

I don’t understand. I put my orchestrator license on orchestrator and now my orchestrator indicate that I have 10 unatended Robot, 10 attended, and more. Then, what are the other two types of licenses?

I read the documentation, but it’s a little confusing, I don’t undersand nothing, please help me.

Hi Marco,

When you say that your organization has 3 licenses, you mean 3 license keys? Because one license key can be used to activate multiple Robots and Studios. So it’s possible to have one license key (like 99990000xxxxxxxxxx) and to be able to activate with that one 10 unattended, 10 attended and more. Actually, this is the default and desired behavior, you can upload the license key to Orchestrator and then activate the Robots simply by connecting them to Orchestrator.

To get a better answer, you should contact UiPath support - Contact Technical Support as they have access to license details based on license keys and/or device IDs.