Understanding Execution Log

I have a robot that has been working fine. Part of it writes the contents of a datatable read from a vertical column of a spreadsheet to a horizontal row on another sheet. I added two cells to the datatable and now it errors. I have checked obvious things and so looked at the logs for the first time. Here is the error and I don’t know how to get any more information out of it than I had in the first place. More information about the “exception thrown” would be helpful.
05:15:14.9919 Error {“message”:“Assign : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”,“level”:“Error”,“timeStamp”:“2017-12-19T05:15:14.9919466-07:00”,“fingerprint”:“db390262-6a7b-4826-8e44-35a6b2662a67”,“windowsIdentity”:“SQS\Billp”,“machineName”:“hidden for privacy”,“processName”:“hidden for privacy”,“processVersion”:“1.0.6465.17885”,“fileName”:“main”,“jobId”:“e851118e-53dd-4403-8004-6fbfbcea2dee”,“robotName”:“SQS\BILLP”}

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Hi Bill,

The only thing the log says is that a workflow you invoke throws an exception, not much help indeed …

I would check the datatable read and write iterations to make sure I read the new cells (read range error? ) and I write them correctly to the other workbook.
Just throwing ideas …


thanks. I did find the problem. I had extended the range on the spreadsheet one cell too long. But no real help from any error reporting or logs. Maybe there couldn’t be? but i would think that perhaps an error something like “data table index overrun” or “data table index does not exist”. There error occured when the for each row got one more row than i put in the datatable. I think this is based on Microsoft WF and MS is notorious, in my opinion, for messages like “Error: dll not found” without telling you what dlll it was looking for even though it is OBVIOUS it must have known. So this might be out of Uipath control. (ps: that example applies to so many other error messages from microsoft where it has more information that the programmers choose not to expose)