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Upon clicking a link leads the flow to either site A or B. It seems randomly showing one of them. I need to prepare a workflow of clicking elements for both of the respective sites.

I thought of first copying the web page address and identify which web page has been loaded and then start clicking some element.

Is there a better way for that?

Thank you!



Typically, websites will not randomly place you on a landing page. I recommend looking into what causes each different landing page to load and plan based on the cases. If the landing page is based on your browsing history, you can open the browser with the ‘Private’ option set to True to keep from loading cached data.

If you’re using chrome and want to use the private option, be sure to allow the UiPath plugin to work even in Private mode.


hey @Daun
find the unique element from one site which does not exist in another site
put that element for check using element exist then use if condition (iselement from Site A)
true condtion - site A workflow activities
false condition - site B workflow activities

see if that works for u


It is a good way to work around this issue. Loading different web page was related to login. Sometimes it directs me to my personal info page and sometimes it directs me to login page and it was totally unpredictable.

Do you know based on which factor the website to decide on which occasion to direct me to the login page and on which occasion directly to the personal info page?

Thanks, generally your solution will definitely work out well. The reason I chose Anthony’s answer before yours was that I had never used the incognito mode browser opening and learned a new thing. :wink:

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