Unclear: Advanced Training 1 Walkthrough

It is really great that UiPath offers online training, but unfortunately it has been a very frustrating process for me. As some other users have mentioned the quizzes include questions not covered in the training. This results in a great deal of time training to hunt down answers to questions that a reasonable person could not have anticipated. Another problem that has consumed a lot of my time is a lack of clarity in the instructions. Right now I’m stuck on the Advanced course 1 walkthrough.

Here are the instructions:

"We start with the REFramework template, as it suits the purpose of the Performer very well. The very first things we need to do are firstly to rename the folder “ReFramework_UiDemo”, and secondly, to edit the Project.json file in the root folder. Let’s change the name to “UiPath_REFrameWork_UiDemo”, and the Description to “Demonstrating the REFramework with UiDemo”. It should look like this:

• The Dispatcher is very simple in this case – the robot should read the Excel file and add a Queue Item for each row. That would normally be a separate process that is scheduled to run before the Performer, but for simplicity and ease of testing, we will include it in the Performer. o Let’s create a new sequence and name it Dispatcher – UploadQueue. o We need a Read Range activity to extract the information in the Excel file and store the output in a DataTable variable. o Each row is a transaction item, so next we need a For Each Row activity. Use an Add Queue Item activity in the Body section. o Edit the ItemInformation property by adding three arguments: CashIn, OnUsCheck and NotOnUsCheck. It should look like this: "

My First Questions:

  1. Where is the folder?
  2. Where is the json?

I have not been oriented prior to being given directions.

It seems to me so much time would be saved if the author of these walkthroughs oriented the user first and broke everything down.


  1. Find the folder labelled “_____” in ______
  2. Rename the folder to “_____”
  3. Locate the json file labelled “____” in ____
  4. Rename the json to ______

Then provide an explanation of why this was done.

Can anyone please clarify what is initially supposed to be done in this walkthrough?

Thank you for the feedback.

The walkthrough in the training is a bit outdated, since it originally used a version of UiPath Studio without the built-in template for the ReFramework. Because of that, it used to be necessary to download the template from GitHub - UiPath/ReFrameWork: Robotic Enterprise Framework Template. This is related to your questions in the following way:

Where is the folder?

This folder is the one downloaded from the GitHub repository. Since the downloaded folder has a generic name, the walkthrough suggests to rename the folder to something related to your project (for example, “UiPath_REFrameWork_UiDemo”).

Where is the json?

The project.json file is included inside the ReFramework’s folder. It specify configurations that UiPath Studio will read when loading the project. This includes the name and the description of the project, as mentioned in the walkthrough. There is no need to rename the project.json file; you only need to change the values corresponding to “name” and “description” according to what you want to use in your project.

If you are using newer versions of UiPath Studio, there is no need to do this manually anymore, because you can just choose to create a project using the ReFramework in the Start screen of UiPath Studio:


Thank you. For some reason that really tripped me up.

Hi BAmdhal, did you ever complete the Advanced course Level 3 UiDemo walkthrough?

I am currently working on it, and I am a bit confused from the walkthrough instructions.

Follow up question, I am not sure which application to use to open the json file? Thanks

Any text editor will work, json is text based.
Personally I’m a fan of Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/) but even default notepad works for simple files.



unable to locate the key “name” in the json file.

After reading the above comments, I was able to open the framework directly. Walk through is asking me to create ta new sequence and proceed. I presume I am doing the same in the framework file I just opened? Clarifying as I am piecing info from here and following walk through instructions.

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Can someone help me? I am not clear where in the framework I am following the steps for the dispatcher? Help is much appreciated.

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I am also very confused

Hi @ipreethi if you were able to decode the Walkthrough, do you know where are we supposed to create the sequence “Dispatcher – UploadQueue” ?

hello, I cannot find the “Name” in the json file too.

Hello Lim,

If you cannot find the “name” field you can just add it yourself and it’ll be fine. Here’s an example:


thank you, have completed UiPath training since then,
thanks for replying!