Unble to find Packages

you see this steps hope it will help

  1. Check Your Published Package:
    *Make sure you have successfully published the project that contains your Main.xaml. Double-check the project.json file to ensure that the necessary files are included in the project.
  2. Check Your Publish Settings:
  • When publishing the project, ensure that you have selected the right process and version. You should see the Main.xaml file listed as one of the files included in the package.
  1. Refresh Your Packages:
  • After publishing, give it a little time, and then refresh your packages in Orchestrator. Sometimes it takes a bit for newly published packages to appear. If it’s still not showing up, proceed with the following steps.
  1. Check User Roles and Permissions:
  • Ensure that your Orchestrator user account has the necessary permissions to view and manage packages. Check with your Orchestrator administrator to verify your role and permissions.


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