Unattended service mode issues

Hello everyone, I would appreciate some support in relation to the RPA (UiPath) running in unattended service mode relating to an Oracle Web Application (HFM): switching to this mode some clicks, although executed (from the screenshots I see that the Bot clicks correctly), fail to send the command (despite the click, the new window does not open even if you wait minutes). In attended mode everything works perfectly and the new window appears within few seconds. I also saw that these windows are Iframes, maybe the problem lies there? I followed all best practices: SimulateClick, SendWindowMessages, WaitForReady, delays, but I couldn’t fix it yet. Any advice is welcome! Lot of thanks.

I attach both screen catched during attended and unattended execution

Hello Vincenza,

I had a similar issue with another Oracle System, I solved it by checking with “element appears” if the window was present, otherwise I clicked again on the button and retried (all this for three times).
My issue also appeared only on unattened robots, while during development and in attended it worked correctly.
You could also try to increase the delayBefore in the Click and check if it helps.

Let me know if this solutions worked for you.


Hello Stefano,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, this window, that is a frame, never appears in the main page. From the screenshot I can see that the click is executed since the main page becomes grey and the icon (add members) where the robot click is selected.

But no new frame appears.

I tried both with “Find element” and “On element appears” activities with a delay of up to 4 minutes (normally, running from my VDI in attended mode it appears after a few seconds) and looping the click till 10 times.

All without success.

I add that I developed in Windows 10, UiPath Studio installed in user mode. But when I run the process in unattended mode, I run it in the Test machine environment, that is a Windows Server 2016.

In this environment UiPath Studio is installed in service mode.

Maybe this issue can depend on a different operative system? Different browser version? User Mode vs. Service mode?

Thanks a lot for any extra support.


It’s possible that there could be some issues regarding the browser settings? Because if the button is clicked it could be possible that the window is not opened in background so the robot can’t find it.
Maybe it could be useful, if you have the permission, to access directly the Windows Server and check if in debug the issue persists.

For the service mode, I don’t think it’s an issue since the application is accessible and is launched correctly.