Unattended Robots w/ or w/out Orchestrator


I was planning to upgrade to the latest UiPath and I found some terms are changed, e.g. we used to use back office robots and they are now renamed to unattended robots under 2017.1. So I got questions here,

  1. Unattended robots and back office robots - are they the same (only changed the name)?
  2. Can we start unattended robots/processes without Orchestrator?

Thank you so much and happy new year!

Hey @Masatoi


Correct… They are same just now onward Back office robots are known as Unattended Robots.


Happy New Year 2018…!!


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Hi Sir,

Thanks so much for the kindly reply! I only planned to use 2 unattended robots…and Orchestrator license cost is beyond my 2018 budget…could you please give me some suggestions?

As per the info i have It is possible to run unattended Robot without Orchestartor. If the Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, you can still license it locally: Licensing a Robot.
If you have Unattended license key, it will know to “behave” as Unattended.

If we locally licensed the Robot as Unattended, it can do work as unattended Robot without connecting to Orchestrator.
That robot can run under locked screen, but you will first have to be logged in to the Robot machine, run your process manually, then lock your screen. Also there is this possibility to run the unattended robot using command line: or schedule it using windows task scheduler.

If you connect it to Orchestrator and run through Orchestrator you won’t need to have access to the Robot machine and you can run your process(Start a Job) from anywhere.

Info Source: Front Office Robot and Back Office Robot - Updated Info 2017.1.* Onwards

Please keep in mind that TaskScheduler execution is no longer supported singe 2017.1 version. The command line arguments and the way in which the robot behaves if it is started from a Windows scheduled task might change at any time without any prior notification.

hi do you have answers now? unattended bot without orchestrator?

As I have answered in PM, and as Andra has answered above, Windows Task Scheduler execution is no longer supported since 2017.1 version. So the only option for Unattended without Orchestrator is to run the process manually and then lock the screen.

You already said that it works to run the Unattended Robot in uiautomation process if Simulate type is checked. If Simulate type is not checked it with throw an error (because as stated in the Activities user guide, Simulate type/click option is for background automation - that means that it interacts in the background and you as a user can do other things in the meantime, without losing the mouse/keyboard control, even if it means locking the screen).

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Thanks for reply, I know uipath do not support the window scheduler anymore. I just care about run the task and locked the screen , I think maybe i misunstand about runing from unattended bot when the screen is locked.

I thought if i buy the unattended bot, then we could locked the screen ,and the bot will still run,but according to you said. even if i buy the orchestrator, I just also could run the background activity when the screen is locked?

if the answer is yes,how about catch a picture? click a picture? ocr? I think a lots of activity can t run under the locked screen? i think it s unreasonable.

I see the high density mode,we can run many bot at the sametime? is that also could run the background activities?

but @Gabriel_Tatug told me , with orchestrator and the unattended bot,uipath will create a session the bot,though the screen is locked. the bot still cant run in its own waysession and we dont need to check the simulate type and can use those activities interacted with the interface,like click picture?

I have bought 1x studio and 1x unattended robot license.

Are you saying that I can’t make the robot run jobs automatically without user interference?

Yes, the only way to run your jobs automatically is via Orchestrator schedules.

I have a few issues with this aswell, and I feel UiPath needs to provide better information and support.

I have a licensed robot and an Orchestrator, but I am struggling with getting image activities to work at all. My belief is that the resolution might not be correctly configured.

However, the question that I want to be answered clearly is:

Can Unattended Robots and Orchestrator handle Image Activities? @ovi

Thank you.

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Iam trying to read a text from a pdf.The pdf contains scanned copy of an image.

SO I use Get ocr text activity and when I run through Ui path studio, I get correct value of output from pdf.

But when Iam running through Orchestartor, Iam getting wrong value of output.

Any idea on this issue ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Ovi and everybody

Then there is no way to run a robot unattended per command line (cmd)? For example, an idea, can not you run a robot unattended by a macro?

Hi @Jean_Piere_Ochoa

It’s possible, see here:



We are using the community 2019.1 + Enterprise 2019.1
I can able test the scenario:- Keeping the screen unlocked, scheduled via windows task scheduler, so my questions are,
Once I move to production(deploy),

  1. If I keep prod machine unlocked and schedule using windows scheduler, will it work? (Because in prod we will be having Enterprise, and I’m testing using community does it vary?)
  2. When you said no longer supported, is it the technical support from uipath team or functionality support in uirobot.exe and windows scheduler?