Unattended robots not assigning correctly via trigger (Pending Allocation)


I have created a community account on version 20.10 and I login to Studio and Assistant via username and password to connect to orchestrator. I’m having issues getting robots to run then triggered from orchestrator possibly I have missed a setting?

  1. I created a user (user@domain.com) for the unattended robot and and set them as an automation user.


  2. I setup my the test pc as a machine in Orchestrator and it connects fine

  3. I can see it under robots however the unattended don’t appear to be activated?

  4. I can see and run robots I have published on the test pc via assistant

However I can’t seem to get them to run via trigger?
I can only see my main account under users to assign to and not my test account also even when assigned to the main account it does not seem to run on the pc.


I have followed this video for each step however my jobs are still stuck as pending.
Managing Unattended Robots in Modern Folders - YouTube.

Could someone clarify for the password I set under user is this their UiPath password, or windows login password?

Hi @OwenB

Have u connected ur machine uipath machine key in orchestrator and did you published the code?


Hi Ashwin,

In 20.10 there is no longer a requirement for a machine key, when you click the Connection Type the only option is Service URL you then enter the URL to Orchestrator and click sign in. You can see in the image below I’m signed in and connected.

The solution to this issue was to log out of the Assistant with the UiPath account and instead setup the assistant using Machine Key, after that UiPath saw the unattended robot.

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Hi @OwenB,

I am having the same problem as you mentioned and have tried to connect Assistant using both URL and Machine Key methods.

If the URL is used, I do not have unattended robots and trigger tab.

When I log in using Machine Key, I have everything I had prior to Version 20.10, including unattended robot, processes, jobs and triggers. However I am unable to see any new process published from Studio in Version 20.10. It only appears when I log in with URL (but without Trigger function).

Any advices from anybody there?

Thank you in advance and look forward to you.


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