Unattended Robots - An error has occurred - 21.4 and a typo


Hi Maciej,

I installed On Prem Orchestrator 21.4 however I’m facing unexpected issues:

My unattended sessions page always shows an error when I view it.

Also there’s a typo here: (how do you revert back to previous package versions now, there used to be a check box UI?)

Hi @Shawn_Ngoh

For Enterprise scenarios, the first suggestion will always be to contact our technical support for direct assistance via this form:

(especially for Orchestrator installations which have a lot of dependencies)

As for the typo issue, could you please mark it for me? :sweat_smile:

Also, it would seem like the option to revert to a previous version is under the Edit button of the specific process:

okay thanks. I’ll submit a ticket. “Lastest” in the last sentence should be “latest”.

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Thanks, I made a ticket for our team to fix that.

(I read this message multiple times and still missed it, amazing! :sweat_smile:)

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The typo issue should now be fixed in our latest release.

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Just wanted to check back to see if the issue around “unattended sessions page always shows an error when I view it” was resolved…? We just upgraded Orchestrator and encountering the same issue. We are Enterprise On-Site and Classic Folders.